Nicolás Stindt

Institut für deutsche Sprache und Linguistik
Humboldt University Berlin
DAAD Stipendium


Ph.D. Project "Spanish Subject Pronouns"

In null-subject languages like Spanish, both null and overt personal pronouns can function as discourse anaphoric devices. However, the two kinds of pronouns are neither used nor understood in the same way. In this project, we report a series of experiments showing how adults and children produce and interpret these forms in different types of discourses. Providing evidence against the view that null and overt pronouns have complementary anaphoric preferences, we suggest and discuss alternative explanations for the results obtained.


Supervisors: Reinhard Blutner, Dagmar Bittner


Tandem Workshop on Optimality in Language and Geometric Approaches to Cognition
Spanish Subject Pronouns (pdf of Nicolas' PhD)